Welcome to my own small homepage.

here's what I look.
Im Jannes Computer.

Dell Latitude

Im not a big and supercool computer.
My velocity are just 1 GHz.
My harddisc are just 20 GB
Centre RAM-memory are just 512 MB.
I have five children: one USB hard disc 160GB, one printer and one scanner and two web-cameras.

But I'm quite good enough as I am, Janne says.


...am always alert when Janne will invite me.
...can waste away many many hours on internet.
...can sing karaoke and play with several different musicprograms.
...goes errands into postal and bank, and pays his bills.
...check out Jannes nearest kith and kins birthdays.
...are a printfactory.
...minds Jannes letter correspondance.
...is cheap in servicing.
...can make animated pictures.
...can tell funny tells and jokes from internet.
...can tax declare.
...check out his familiarize with MSN Messenger.
...writes diary.
...can translate in several different languages.
...is almost always in a good mood.

He says that Im his mostly greatest buddy
for it's not many computers that have an own Homepage.


© Jan Berggren 1998
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